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Aspern Papers, The

by Henry James
Price $ 18.99

In this superb novelette we witness a battle between a strong-willed woman, determined to keep the secrets of a famous poet, and an unscrupulous man who is equally determined to uncover them. This recording was the winner of the Audiofile Earphone Award in 1993. AVAILABLE ON CASSETTE AND CD OR CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FROM AUDIBLE.COM .

Listener Reviews

Henry James sets his novella of irony and suspense in the decaying splendor of a Venetian palazzo. Grover Gardner's diction is immaculate. His voice is elegant. He controls his energy so that one never tires of hearing him. As the story builds, he does not dramatize the plot; he simply reads what is on the page, the listener colors in the scene. The narrative is a well done exercise for imagination. Appreciation for the full text of this work makes a powerful case of dedication to unabridged recordings.

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