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Armed with years of recording experience, Flo Gibson decided, at age 60, to start her own recording company, Audio Book Contractors, Inc. Although its original business plan was to record books for outside customers (hence, the word “Contractors”), Flo soon realized that her true love was keeping unabridged classic literature alive and accessible to the listening public.

Installing a state-of-the-art recording booth in the basement of her home (from where every book on this website was recorded) Flo hired local talent, mainly from the Washington theater community, to help record, engineer, manufacture and distribute ABC’s ever-growing library of classic titles.

When Flo passed in 2011, she had recorded 1,134 unabridged books in her illustrious career – over 650 of them for her own company.

At the time when ABC started in 1983, cassettes were the medium on which most books were recorded. The first music CD had just hit the commercial market a few months earlier. Downloads would not even exist for decades. Now we carry many of our titles in all three formats.

And as for whatever format is preparing to become the next future of audio books, Mr. Twain, Miss Austen, Mr. Dickens, Ms Cather, Mr. Trollope, Ms Wharton, Mr. Shakespeare and the rest of our literary family can’t wait to be a part of it.

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