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Of All Things!

by Robert Benchley
Price $ 18.99

Benchley's satire and his wry comments on society are sure to tickle your funny bone! The collection includes: “The Social Life of the Newt", "Coffee, Megg and Ilk, Please", “When Genius Remained Your Humble Servant”, "The Tortures of Week-End Visiting", "Gardening Notes", "Lesson Number One", "Thoughts On Fuel Saving", "Not According To Hoyle", "From Nine To Five", "Turning Over A New Ledger Leaf", "A Piece of Roast Beef", "The Community Masque as a Substitute For War", "Call For Mr. Kenworthy!", "Football Courtesy of Mr. Morse", "A Little Debit In Your Tonneau", "A Romance In Encyclopedia Land", "The Passion of the Orthodox Paradox", "Shakespeare Explained", "The Scientific Scenario", "The Most Popular Book of the Month", "Christmas Afternoon" and "Hail, Vernal Equinox!" AVAILABLE ON CASSETTE AND CD, OR CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FROM AUDIBLE.COM.

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