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Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains, A

by Isabella Bird SALE
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This is a collection of valiant and lyrically descriptive letters written in 1873 by Isabella Bird, a courageous and spirited Englishwoman, telling her sister in vivid detail of her adventures on horseback over 800 miles of American wilderness. AVAILABLE ON CASSETTE AND CD OR CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FROM AUDIBLE.COM.

Listener Reviews

Since I listen to these books-on-tape primarily while I'm driving, I found myself looking for an excuse to go somewhere so I could continue to hear this collection of letters from a woman to her sister...Gibson's reading of the text is impeccable and she is an important part of the success of this set of cassettes.
Grand Rapids Press, August 18, 1991

Gibson is adept at ferreting out buried treasures, even those that show their age, and (this) is worth a listen.
Sandy Bauers, The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 10, 1990

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