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Queen's Museum, The / Other Fanciful Tales

by Frank R. Stockton
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“The Bee-man of Orn", “The Christmas Truants", “The Griffin and the Minor Canon", “Old Pipes and the Dryad", “The Clocks of Rondaine", “Christmas Before Last" or “The Fruit of the Fragile Palm" and “Prince Hassak’s March." “The Philopena" and “The Accommodating Circumstance’’ are also included in this imaginative collection.  AVAILABLE ON CASSETTE OR CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FROM AUDIBLE.COM.

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Listener Reviews

…Flo Gibson, the doyenne of American narrators, proves the perfect companion in revisiting these neglected haunts of princes and dryads and questing peasants. Her rich voice has never been better suited to what she is reading.
The Horn Book Magazine – 1993

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