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Wind in the Willows, The

by Kenneth Grahame SALE
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The River Rat, Mole, Otter and Badger display more than human kindness and patience over Toad’s wild schemes and escapades. This was one of Mrs. Gibson's best-loved recordings! AVAILABLE ON CASSETTE AND CD, OR CLICK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FROM AUDIBLE.COM.

Listener Reviews

“…picks up (the) grand story... and starts turning the pages as though a clutch of children were gathered at her feet. The master of this style is Flo Gibson, who is magnificent in reading the greatest pastoral escapist tale ever written, Kenneth Grahame's “The Wind in the Willows”.
Los Angeles Times

Grahame’s prose is almost poetry and it has more human kindness per page than any other book.
Flo Gibson on The Wind in the Willows

Thank you for your incomparable reading of Wind in the Willows. The harmonious pairing of a genius writer, who knew depths about his subject matter and held a mirror to the human characteristics we all share and your gifted interpretation of Grahame's intent, is nearly magical and certainly powerful, worthy of a very long literary life. Grahame shows life as a banquet. We moles and toads are advised to play out our virtues and flaws with zest and appreciation. What a profound message served in satirical guise. And it is your voice that blends flawlessly with author intent and provides a new lease to a book on a shelf. It is your voice characterizations that surely surpass the song-dream within the writer's mind. It is your inflections that do not permit the loss of a single nuance. Whatever plaudits and praise you undoubtedly have received, this note adds still another sincere thanks. I am a grateful listener, joined by hope, by legions. I have listened to your voice through many smiling hours.
T. Grizzard


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